005: Thinking Traps (Part 2) — Arbitrary Inferences

The next 4 Thinking Traps I am going to talk about are grouped under the category Arbitrary Inferences. They consist of making interpretations without having examined all the data.

Thinking Traps: Arbitrary Inferences

  1. Jumping to Conclusions (also: Inference-Observation Confusion);
  2. Fortune Telling;
  3. Mind Reading;
  4. Labeling (also: Mislabeling)


  1. Examine the Evidence
  2. Consider Alternate Possibilities
  3. Keep a “Don’t-Know” Mind
  4. Survey Technique
  5. Let’s Define Terms

One thought on “005: Thinking Traps (Part 2) — Arbitrary Inferences

  1. Dear Dr. Nye, You gave me a jolt, a giggle, a smile and a laugh when I heard my name coming out at me at the top of your podcast # 005. THANKS ! I struggle with daily life………..BUT I struggle a lot more successfully with the every day, momentary anxiety and depressions because of all the various tools you and Dr. Burns have introduced to me. I really can’t thank you and him enough. Both of you have made a major difference in my life. Sincerely, Dominic 🙂 P.S. You mentioned a weekly newsletter in addition to the podcasts. Please sign me up for them. Oh, and, by the way, the occasional guitar musical interludes during the podcasts are really beneficial. They give the listener……….at least, this listener……….a moment to pause & reflect. Thanks, again. ……………D.R.


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